What’s Happening ?


For a quite a while I didn’t update the blog, mainly due to a long term daliance with an xbox 360 and  and a penchant for watching whole seasons of American crime TV series. I wasn’t really doing too much writing. Which, as I consider myself a ‘writer’ was a bit of a problem …

Recently I’ve been doing so much writing I haven’t had time to update even though I wanted to!

So – what’s happening?

I’ve been lucky enough to hook up with a bunch of very talented and very professional film-makers and together we’ve been producing a series of short horror films under the ‘Bloody Cuts’ banner. I co-wrote the second episode ‘Stitches’ and also ‘Prey’, the episode which should be hitting our website and Youtube later in the month.

Please check out the films if you haven’t already and swing by our IndieGoGo campaign page – we’re looking for funding to continue making the whole series of 13 episodes !

In addition to working as a Writer/Script Supervisor (and door handle shaker/under bed stand-in on set) for Bloody Cuts I’ve been working on a full feature screenplay, an action/horror called ‘Final Kill.’ I’ve also been working on pitches for some other horror screenplays and kicking around some other ideas.

‘The Frequency’, one of the first short screenplays I wrote many moons ago, has been re-written and hopefully will come out as a short-film sometime under the direction of Nick Page, a young film-maker.

If that wasn’t enough, at some point I need to work on scripts for issue 2 and 3 of a sci-fi zombie comic called ‘Undead’ with my long term artist-in-crime the talented Kel Winser.

So, I’m busy. Which is nice!

Reading — ‘Operation Sealion’. A look at Hitler’s plans to invade Britain in WW2. For research purposes …

Watching — ‘Fringe’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Ringer’


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