About Joel Morgan …

It was Stephen King’s fault. I’d read all the decent stuff in the children’s library. So – aged 8 – I stalked the tall canyons of the adult section for books that I could enjoy. I didn’t have friends at this point. I was at a high school I shouldn’t have been at with a catchment area of fellow students who didn’t know me and who I didn’t know. It didn’t help my Dad was a teacher. It didn’t help that I was used to being the smartest kid in the room.

But the library was where I went. On a Saturday afternooon.  This was my domain. I read everything I could get my hands on.




Joel is a film graduate, film fanatic and screenwriter/director based in Norfolk, England.

He’s Head Writer for the award-winning Bloody Cuts team, a group of film-makers producing 13 short horror films and the writer/co-writer of ‘Stitches‘, ‘Prey‘, ‘Dead Man’s Lake‘ and ‘Death Scenes‘ which is also his directorial debut.

Joel’s currently working on two top secret feature film projects and crafting spec concepts for his assault on the film industry.

Joel’s Imdb Profile

Contact Joel at joelmorgan23@yahoo.co.uk or follow me on Twitter as  joelmorgan23.


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