Comic Book Scripts

Undead – Issue #1

A script for the 22-page first issue of a six part miniseries. Undead features one of my favorite horror tropes – Zombies – in 2000AD-esque post-apocalyptic Britain.

In a fascist near-future Britain, a group of Prisoners are being transported for ‘processing’ when their train is derailed. But that’s the least of their problems when the dead are walking and very, very hungry…

Read and download the script by clicking here — Undead – Issue 1

JLA/The Authority – ‘Worlds Collide’

This script was written some time ago, mainly for fun but also as a writing sample. It’s a prestige format 45 page story featuring two of my favourite superhero teams, the Justice League and The Authority.

When The Carrier crash-lands into Metropolis the JLA find themselves matched against a team of super-humans as powerful as themselves – The Authority. When the dust settles the two teams find they must ally against a greater threat – Brainiac, now in control of a multi-dimensional ship with almost unlimited firepower…

All characters and other trademarks are copyright DC Comics and Wildstorm – no infringement is intended.

Read and download the script as a PDF by clicking here — JLA and The Authority Crossover

Britain – Issue #1

Written with co-conspirator Cameron McKinley this was originally a submission to Marvel Comics aborted Epic imprint. Intended as a reboot for Captain Britain we messed around with the concept to create a darker, more urban take on the character. Set in North London where I lived at the time it features a Merlin who is very much a homage to the legendary Alan Moore (if he hung around off-licenses and drank Excalibur strong lager.)

Britain, an unemployed ex-football hooligan, is dragged into the dangerous, mythical underbelly of London by a strange alcoholic tramp who may be the arch-mage Merlin…

Captain Britain is copyright Marvel Comics, no infringement is intended.

Read and download the script as a PDF by clicking here — Britain – Issue #1


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