Short Stories


Written in 2009, this was inspired by my time spent living in Brighton and my hatred of Seagulls. A short little avian horror tale, slightly auto-biographical and featuring booze, kebabs and the vengeance of seabirds…

Following a drunken break-up with his girlfriend, David kicks a Seagull and sets in motion a chain of harassment, paranoia and avian revenge…

Read and download ‘Gulls’ in PDF format by clicking here — Gulls.

The Jade Junk

‘The Jade Junk’ is the literary equivalent of a mash-up, a short horror tale inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and William S. Burroughs. Taking its cues from the stories ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ and the novel ‘Junky’ it weaves the cult horror of Lovecraft with the drug-fueled 40’s setting of Burroughs’ novel.

In his quest to score a final hit of heroin to help a dying friend, an unnamed narrator tells of his encounter with a dangerous form of opiate – The Jade Junk…

Read and download ‘The Jade Junk’ in PDF format by clicking here — The Jade Junk

The Bay of Goats

Another literary homage/mash-up/rip-off, this time melding the world of H.P. Lovecraft with the noir crime style of James Ellroy. This is the longest short story in this collection and, I must admit, the most fucked up.

Warning – this story is for mature readers only as it features bad language, strong violence, sexual content and a protagonist who is a racist, foul-mouthed son-of-a-bitch. I hope you’ll find that a reason to read the piece rather than skip it!

1962. C.I.A. Case Officer Victor Rydell – a man used to dealing with the criminal, shadowy and esoteric – finds himself drawn into a world of Mafia drug-deals gone sour, Cuban politics, Voodoo and dark, blasphemous cults…

Read and download ‘The Bay of Goats’ in PDF format by clicking here — The Bay Of Goats


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