Brains! Crowbars! Podcasts!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the latest Broken Projector podcast with Geoff LaTulippe and Scott Beggs this week.

In a tie-in to World War Z I debated Scott on the best choice of weapon to wield in the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

Did my knowledge of Zombie cinema serve me well? Click the link and find out! Thanks to Scott and Geoff for having me and for their support of Bloody Cuts Films.

Listen to the Podcast here. And be sure to swing by Film School Rejects, a top notch film site.


A Selection of Short Horror Fiction… Now as PDF’s!

I’ve added my short horror stories ‘Gulls’, ‘The Jade Junk’ and ‘The Bay of Goats’ to the blog for your reading pleasure. They’re now available as PDF files so you can view and download them for reading on iPads, Kindles and whatever new technology you have kicking around the place.

Simply click on the ‘Fiction’ link at the top of the page or go here.

In the following weeks I’ll be adding much more content to the site including the scripts for Bloody Cuts episodes I’ve written and co-written as well as a selection of comic book scripts, prose pieces and other slices of writing from the archives.

Please check them out, all comments and views are gratefully received!

Death Scenes – The Script

Death Scenes PosterDeath Scenes‘ is the 7th film in the Bloody Cuts series of short horror films and my directorial debut. For those  interested in a little peek behind the scenes or in screenwriting here’s a link to the PDF of the Shooting Draft of the script.

This is the 4th draft of the script and isn’t really very different to the 1st draft which I wrote in around a couple of hours. The following drafts changed some dialogue to suit the actors and altered/added to the action such as the flickering lights and train noise seen in the finished film.

There is a difference in structure towards the climax, with the revelation of John’s kills being inter-cut in the script but coming in a burst in the film itself. This is one of those examples of the script being changed to suit the pace of the editing and the actual footage.

Click on the link below to view the PDF file —

Death Scenes – 4th Draft

Death Scenes Poster

Death Scenes Poster

Check out the official poster for Bloody Cuts 7th slice of short horror ‘Death Scenes’. This lovely work of art was created by Marc Schoenbach who’s provided us with the poster for all out films from ‘Prey’ onwards.

Be sure to visit his blog at Sadist Art !

Death Scenes – Bloody Cuts

It’s been out for a while but if you haven’t already, check out the 7th short horror film by Bloody Cuts – Death Scenes.

I had the great privilige of writing and directing this episode so I hope you enjoy it! A very big thank you to everyone involved in its production and to all those who’ve viewed, supported and shared it.


I really need to update this blog more, but this thing called writing gets in the way.

Just finished the script for what should be Bloody Cuts episode 6 and have done the 1st draft of what may well be another episode. Very excited about both!

This is in addition to another project I’m working which is also a very cool thing. And a lot of work doing promotion and PR for Bloody Cuts and our films.

The new Bloody Cuts episode ‘Suckablood’ films this weekend and I’ll be on location at Middleton Towers to assist the ‘Making Of’ with Digital Producer Anthony Melton which should be the usual caffeine fuelled two days of fun and mayhem.

Been Reading —

‘The Exorcist’ by William Peter Blatty

‘Green River, Running Red’ by Anne Rule

Been Watching —

‘Snowtown’, ‘Blow Up’, ‘Below’, ‘Paycheck’, ‘Hostel Part 3’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘CSI’, ‘Alcatraz’, ‘Person of Interest’

What’s Happening ?


For a quite a while I didn’t update the blog, mainly due to a long term daliance with an xbox 360 and  and a penchant for watching whole seasons of American crime TV series. I wasn’t really doing too much writing. Which, as I consider myself a ‘writer’ was a bit of a problem …

Recently I’ve been doing so much writing I haven’t had time to update even though I wanted to!

So – what’s happening?

I’ve been lucky enough to hook up with a bunch of very talented and very professional film-makers and together we’ve been producing a series of short horror films under the ‘Bloody Cuts’ banner. I co-wrote the second episode ‘Stitches’ and also ‘Prey’, the episode which should be hitting our website and Youtube later in the month.

Please check out the films if you haven’t already and swing by our IndieGoGo campaign page – we’re looking for funding to continue making the whole series of 13 episodes !

In addition to working as a Writer/Script Supervisor (and door handle shaker/under bed stand-in on set) for Bloody Cuts I’ve been working on a full feature screenplay, an action/horror called ‘Final Kill.’ I’ve also been working on pitches for some other horror screenplays and kicking around some other ideas.

‘The Frequency’, one of the first short screenplays I wrote many moons ago, has been re-written and hopefully will come out as a short-film sometime under the direction of Nick Page, a young film-maker.

If that wasn’t enough, at some point I need to work on scripts for issue 2 and 3 of a sci-fi zombie comic called ‘Undead’ with my long term artist-in-crime the talented Kel Winser.

So, I’m busy. Which is nice!

Reading — ‘Operation Sealion’. A look at Hitler’s plans to invade Britain in WW2. For research purposes …

Watching — ‘Fringe’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Ringer’